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Every Wednesday some nice people meet to play board games or card games. Everybody is welcome! Most of us speak at least some English. If necesarry we explain the game. We often bring new games, so everyone is a newby at these games.

We meet in a communal room. There we have a cabinet with games. You can also bring your own favorite game that we then might play at this evening. We finance the rent of the room and new games with a small fee.

Room to play

Date: every Wednesday
Time: 19:45

Zentralstrasse 34

8055 Zürich

Just drop by. You do not need to sign up. If you have any question, feel free to write a mail to us!

Email Address

On our Facebook page we sometimes write about our meetings or anounce a game which we like to play or that somebody bought. You don't need a Facebook account to have a look. Link Facebook page

Selection of games that we played recently: